The Lord Essex is Reopening in November with a Winter Menu

We will see you in November!

Lord Essex will be reopening featuring a delicious winter menu starting in November; however until then, you can still enjoy fine dining in Downtown Rochester, MN at our additional Kahler restaurants below. 

The Grand Grill

Indulge in classic Midwestern comfort foods and a fine selection of beer and wine at this restaurant located in the Kahler Grand Hotel.


Start your evening or end your night in style at the best bar in Downtown Rochester with an array of refreshing cocktails made with fine spirits.

Salute Wine Bar & More

Enjoy an authentic taste of Italy with exquisite wine tastings and live entertainment at one of the most upscale restaurants in Rochester.

Crossings Bistro & Bar 

From succulent Salmon Dijonaise to fresh grilled Basil Chicken, savor a collection of classic dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.