The Tastiest Fresh Food in Rochester MN

Crepes, Salads, Rice Bowls, Smoothies and Yogurt!


Freshens is a fresh food studio located inside the Kahler Inn & Suites. Serving some of the healthiest fast food near the Methodist Hospital in Rochester, MN, Freshens promotes “healthy eating, better living” with mouth-watering treats including:

Handcrafted Crepes
Crispy Flatbread Salads
Savory Rice Bowls
Fresh Blended Smoothies
A Signature Frozen Yogurt

Visit two great downtown Freshens locations to enjoy some of the finest fresh food in Rochester, MN. 

Freshens at Kahler Inn & Suites open:  9am - 8pm Daily
Freshens at Rochester Marriott open: 7am - 6pm Monday - Friday

(507) 285-2727