A Legacy of Luxury in Rochester, MN Lodging

Kahler Through the Years

From its humble beginnings to its present-day success, the Kahler family has authored a history of ingenuity, entrepreneurship and service within the Rochester community.

The Kahler hotels have reached recent milestones and celebrated many accomplishments — hosting Bishop Desmond Tutu, constructing new hotels, and more — but it all started in tiny Bayfield, Canada with Henry Kahler.


  • Henry Kahler arrives in Bayfield, Ontario, Canada with his parents at the age of 3
  • Henry trains as a carriage-trimmer and harness-maker before leaving Bayfield at the age of 18


  • Henry opens a successful harness shop in the nearby town of Zurich
  • The harness-maker meets Amelia Aldworth and the two settle down, welcoming two children in the next two years


  • The Kahler family has grown to six and moved to Northville, Michigan, where the children work alongside their parents to make ends meet


  • The family moves back to Canada -- Woodham, Ontario -- after the death of their son, Freddie


  • Back in the United States, the Kahler family makes its first foray into the hotel business by purchasing a hotel in a small village north of Dundas, Minnesota
  • A few years later, Henry and his son, John, also purchase the Archer House in Northfield, Minnesota


  • John moves to Cumberland, Wisconsin, and leases the Cumberland Hotel, which fails due to the small size of the town
  • John opens a hardware store and is eventually named mayor of Maiden Rock, Wisconsin


  • Henry moves to Rochester, Minnesota, where he begins running a hotel in what is then a tiny agricultural community
  • The young entrepreneur would never need to move again, as Mayo Clinic transformed Rochester into a renowned destination for world-class medical care, buoying the town's hospitality industry

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